It's raining woman


Capital Cinemaa, the production house of `Mazhai' (U) seems to have gone commercial with a vengeance. So for the most part of the film you have a thoroughly drenched heroine romping around looking absolutely seductive. Rain proves a wonderful excuse and the girl's contours drive the bad man crazy, `Ghilli' style. (Only that the carnal aspect was appealingly subtle in the latter.)

Every significant event takes place in the rain, and thus lends a poetic touch to `Mazhai.' Yet the story and treatment offer nothing out of the routine. The screenplay, dialogue and direction are by Rajkumar.


Arjun (`Jayam' Ravi) meets Shailaja (Shreya) on a train and it is love at first sight for the duo. Rahul Dev (Deva) who is also around sees Shailaja oozing sex appeal as she dances suggestively on the railway platform (in the rain, of course!) and decides to make her his wife. But it's not going to be easy with a brawny hero around ...

The impact

Ravi with his macho looks and penetrating eyes makes an impression in a couple of scenes. The scene at the petrol bunk where he tries to douse the villain and his men in petrol is one. Yet on the whole you feel he could have come out stronger in his performance. Shreya does what she is meant to do — look sexy in clinging costumes. Nearly all the characters — including the avaricious dad of the heroine, who separates the lovers, dupes Deva, and makes his daughter an actress, and Rahul Dev, the villain — are stereotypes. Vadivelu's comedy track hangs loose and gives the impression that you've seen it all before. Music (Devi Sri Prasad) is loud for the most part. Peter Hein's stunts are noteworthy.

The story has concoctions that remain vague till the end. For example, you are never sure what happens to the film Shailaja was supposed to be acting in.

The music, the ambience of the climax, the Ramayana sequence on stage, the `Okkadu' influence and `Varsham' effect together result in a strong Telugu flavour in `Mazhai.'

CHENNAI 600028
    Director: Rajkumar
    Music: DeviSri Prasad
   Release: October 2005
    Director: Venkat Prabhu
    Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
   Release: April 2007
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